Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Of My Favorites!

I've been looking over some of the projects I've done over the last year and thought I'd post some of my favorites here. The first one is using an "Ethan" paperboard book grow chart and Scenic Route "Metropolis" papers available at:

This is how it tucks into the box and can be stored like a book on a shelf or hung up and used to measure the child as he or she grows.
This is the beginning... the clear ruler is also included so you can track growth right on the chart!
I loved all the little cut out places to insert a photo.
I've used an arrow on the upper 'page' to point to his height at 4 years old.
and a few more arrows here too!
On the last page, which is at the top of the chart, I've left room for a few small photos to add later and pointed out his height at 10 with two die cut photo corners. When he outgrows the front of the chart I may add his age and measurements onto the back... just for a record. I've also punched two holes and added eyelets to hang this up with a ribbon or other fiber.
This was a fun project and I am intending on giving it to him when he graduates!


Carla said...

That board book is just THE best idea! Where did you get it? Also, the SR arrows are perfect for this sort of project!

Lois said...

my friend... has an online store... check out - she will ship pretty much anywhere!

Ali said...

What a great little project! Love the colours you used! :O)

icecheeks said...

Great job! I love making scrappy gifts too!