Monday, May 25, 2009

Cropped Out!

I have been doing an online crop this weekend... and it's still on till Thursday. Here is something I made for a challenge - it was great fun doing something totally different.
First I got an old hardcover book and cut out the 'book' part... then got out the inks and paint and layered it on... did a little crackle too and some metallics as well... then found that some of the ink just wouldn't dry good enough so had to coat it with some clear finish.
The inside pages are a mix of cloth and paper... the right page is cloth... an old sheet I liked... and the photo is sewn on as is the word 'mom'.

this is the other side of the sewn page... I covered up the stitching with a journaling page and pinned it with tiny blue pins.

This is a paper page on the left and is still being worked on... the cloth page on the right is still waiting for some buttons! I still have to do the rest of the book (there are 8 pages altogether) but I want to work slowly so I can make it unique. I found that I had to take it apart to work on the pages so they could be sewn easier if that is what I wanted to do but all in all, this was a really interesting challenge! Then there was dealing with the guilt of wrecking a book... ha ha ha!


Jean Marie said...

This whole project came out fantastic, Lois!!
Very inspiring!!

Kate said...

It's gorgeous mom!!!

Manshur & Hilal said...

Hai I'm Indonesian

Nice photos.. and Nice to meet you..
see you later

Pat MacK said...

the book wasn't wrecked, it was enhanced! Lovely. I can't figure out how you put the pages in though.